Join us for unique four hour, in-person ceremonial workshop in West London on Sunday, 27th November that will include:

  • A deep and energetic Crystal healing ceremony
  • A gentle Kundalini Global yoga class
  • A gorgeous Gong bath

This workshop, based on the success of previous workshops, ceremonies and Kundalini Global yoga classes, this has been specifically designed to help ensure your 4 "bodies" nourished.

All too often we allow ourselves to wallow in "winter" and eat badly, or drain ourselves emotionally with shopping and festive planning, or find ourselves in stressful situations at work.  The activation of the mandala and the crystals and the choice of the yoga series and music will be carefully designed designed with the group's energetic needs.

We will open with a cacao ceremony (suitable for vegans and in no way a hallucinogenic, but an alternate herbal tea will also be offered).

I will then explain the unique mandala that has been created for the group, talk about how the energies of the crystals come together with the 5 elements (earth, fire, water, wind and storm)  and then lead us in a beautiful meditation that will  nourish our 4 bodies: mental, physical, emotional, spirit.

At the end of the ceremony, participants will be invited to ask questions. and then a break

We will then move into a powerful yet gentle 60 minute Kundalini Global Yoga class alternate postures will be offered for those with physical limitations (beginners are welcome, as are experts, not suitable for those who are pregnant) and then straight into a long and beautiful Gong Bath with Heather.

  • Participants  are requested to share their intention with me 72 hours prior to the ceremony in order to integrate into the mandala.
  • You will be gifted a personal crystal available on arrival that has been chosen to support your intention
    • there will be additional crystals on sale should you wish to purchase
  •  The Energy Exchange is £90 per person and should be prepaid upon booking in order to secure your place.

Date: Sunday, 27 November 2022

Venue: Yoga West Studio | 1F 33-34 Westpoint Warple Way | London | W3 ORG

Time: 12:00-16:00

Prepayment Energy Exchange:  £90

Bookings: or via WhatsApp +447785299838



The 4 hour ceremonial~workshop will end with a heavenly gong meditation played by Heather Montgomery.

Heather is an embodied psychosynthesis Astrologer whose focus is aimed at helping others reach a greater sense of awareness, perspective and connection to the Self.  She is the founder of Black Cygnet Wellness and provides offerings using both esoteric and scientific theories through the methods of astrological and psychosynthesis coaching, Kundalini Global yoga, and sound therapy.

An American living in London, Heather believes in the Hermetic philosophy that the macrocosm of the cosmos is reflected in the microcosm of the body, and that we have the ability to tap into our essence and find the true genius within.  Heather has clients from all over the world including dignitaries, leading executives of global organisations, entrepreneurs, and wellbeing retreat centres.

Some small, but important, notes:

  • Participants  are requested to share their intention with me 72 hours prior to the ceremony in order to integrate into the mandala.
  • You will be gifted a crystal to support your intention
  • The workshop will only be in person
  • Prepayment energy exchange of £90pp is payable on reservation as spaces are limited.

Date: Sunday, 27 November 2022

Time: 12h00-16h00

Prepayment Energy Exchange:  £90pp

Please RSVP via E-mail or WhatsApp:

Payment can be made in £/$/€ via Lloyds Bank EFT, or via PayPal.
EFT details will be provided.

Ceremonial workshops are filled with love and energetic healing. There is always something extra add in and after the workshop, participants receive meditation playlists, mandala images and personal questions are happily answered.

A few beautiful reviews received:


"I am so Grateful for this morning's workshop. I need it in my life right now. I am grateful for all energies that shared the sacred space with me. Thank you very much Nici and and Thank you everyone. Sending loads of Love and Light"

SK, South Africa Think With Your Heart Workshop

"Thank you Nici, these workshops mean so much and have helped so much. I am so grateful for them and you"

AK, UK Think With Your Heart Workshop

"Was so lovely thanks so much feel totally different energetically and physically now xx"

LG, UK, Solstice Workshop

"Such a beautiful morning you created for us Nici. Divine, thank you"

MA, UK, Solstice Workshop

"Nici big thank you to you & your “helpers”, really appreciate the work & the energies of those amazing mandalas.
Thank you all for a beautiful start to the day"

JS, UK Nourishing the Four Bodies Workshop

"Wonderful experience, thankful to feel part of a community of open hearted people. Particularly enjoyed the dancing and the Dr Joe entrance meditation. Powerful and invigorating!"

WG, Switzerland Nourishing the Four Bodies Workshop

"Once again thank you so much Nici. Im feeling alive energetic and enthusiastic. More and more awesome experience."

CR, UK, Abundance Workshop

"Thank you Nici, my first experience of any Crystal work and I feel so calm and know that it is the start of a journey for me 💚"

BR,  UK, Abundance Workshop