Kundalini Global Yoga Classes (certified teacher)

"Kundalini Global teachers understand that people come to yoga because they want to experience themselves differently. They understand the power of yoga to deal with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, negative history and physical responses to trauma in the body. Using the best and most exquisite practices of the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Global teachers work with the nervous system to create a sense of balance within the self, and empower the journey forward in the quantum fields of right here, right now." Carolyn Cowan, Founder, Kundalini Global

I have now certified as a Kundalini Global Teacher. I am currently covered by Yoga Alliance Insurance but please do note these are NOT suitable for people who are or maybe pregnant!); I am thrilled to say I have found a unique way to combine crystalline healing energy into my classes and look forward to working with you on the magical mat!

I will be teaching a 75 minute class most Saturdays at 07h30 BST . To receive information and zoom links, please email nici@niciphoenix.com with your mobile number and email. address and you will be added to the admin messaging only WhatsApp group.  I will confirm on a Sunday that the class will take place and on a Friday you will be sent the zoom link.

No need to commit prior, no fee, no pregnant people, and as long as one person turns up, I will teach! Beginners or those who have never even done yoga are most welcome, I will offer alternative postures to those that may be too strenuous for some! Bring a blanket and a cushion, blocks and a mat if you have them!

Breath x Posture x Intention = Transformation


Date: Saturdays at 07h30 BST. Note if a class is not on offer, i will announce that on the previous Sunday via WhatsApp

Time: 7:30 - 08:45 AM (BST)

Prepayment Energy Exchange:  Free

Bookings: nici@niciphoenix.com or via WhatsApp +447785299838