• Sunday 17/10/21 08h30 GMT - Nourishing the Four Bodies  Part I - Physical / Spiritual
  • Sunday 21/11/21 08h30 GMT - Nourishing the Four Bodies  Part II - Mental / Emotional
    • Note: Sign up to both and receive a free personal 15 minute consultation on how to combine the four 
  • Sunday 19/12/21 08h30 GMT - The number 22 is a “master builder” in numerology, meaning it's associated with building a base or structure. So the focus of next year will be all about getting back to normalcy and rebuilding our lives; this will be a Master Session (2 hours) to help you build on the tools from 2021 and depending on interest, might be both in person and online!
    • If. you are interested please email nici@niciphoenix.com for more details 

September 2021: Regulating through Equinox
August 2021: Resilience Crafting
July: The forgotten Art of Breathing
June 2021: Solstice and the 8 Forms of Wealth
May 2021: Living your Best Life 
April 2021: Powerful Altars and Crystals
March 2021: Equilibrium in Equinox 
February 2021: Abundance
January 2021: Heart Opening