Crystal Collections

My first 3 unique Crystal Collections are now available to order! All collections include 4 different crystals personally chosen by Nici Phoenix.

Whilst the crystals you receive may vary in size from images shown, it should be remembered that the value of a crystal comes from its source, clarity and rarity (bigger doesn’t always mean more valuable). Size doesn’t determine the exchange fee.  For example, Vanadanite is hard to find and hence the Power Collection being slightly more expensive. There are two fees per set and crystals will be chosen according to your investment.

 What you receive when you purchase (and those who know Nici will know there is always something extra!):

  • A beautifully designed card with information about each crystal on the reverse of the card
  • Four crystals personally chosen for you and deprogrammed
  • Upon receipt the crystals and the card will be activated for your higher intent
  • You’ll receive a personalised voice note on how to work with your set, an affirmation and a little more insight into the four crystals.

Works deeply with your energies to activate power within yourself. Created to enable you to receive (Cuprite) and direct (Pyrite) power, to stand in your power (Vanadanite) and to take the right action (Carnelian). When we take action, energies shift, that includes allowing ourselves the gift of receiving. The elements are a combination of earth and fire designed to help you feel the momentum you want to create.

Works deeply with your energies to help you bring your own wisdom into your heart and mind, allowing you to live your life by thinking with your heart. Amber brings through the ancient wisdom you have collected over many lifetimes, Lapis Lazuli allows your self-knowledge to come to the fore; Apophyllite elevates your daily wisdom and Azurite enhances your insights.  The elements are a combination of wind, water and earth and together are designed to activate your deepest knowledge.

Works deeply with your energies to aid you to be in flow, to let go, let it all flow. Chrysocolla helps us understand the sacredness of our words and aids us with gentler communication, while Rainbow Fluorite brings us to a place of focus and discipline, through our third eye and crowns chakras. Aquamarine allows to gently release that which stops us from being in our flow and Turquoise works to bring us to a place of wholeness as we let go. The elements are a combination of wind and water, pushing for flow.


  • Clients who wish to purchase an incomplete set should discuss their needs and Nici will see what tailoring is possible depending on availability
  • Collections can be sent as gifts to different addresses

dōTERRA Essential Oils

 dōTERRA offers Essential Oils for people who care about improving their Health. Single oils, Blends, Diffusers and Supplements can all be found on my site. If you would like some advice on what can help with certain ailments, please contact me.



Sessions can be a healing only or combined with a reading, include a meditation, a breathing set and we work through the crystal mandala created for the recipient Sessions can be in person in Greater London or through zoom, and all sessions can be recorded.

Vouchers are transferable, valid for 13 months upon issuance and I will spend 15 minutes with the recipient discussing what suit them best for the session.

Contact me


Whatsapp: +44 7785 299 838

Voucher value £110/R2200