The Philotimo Programme

People often tell me they are wondering how to give back to Planet Earth, how they can cultivate their legacy.

Wikipedia defines Philotimo (also spelled filotimo; Greek: φιλότιμο) as a Greek noun translating to “love of honor”. However, philotimo is almost impossible to translate sufficiently as it describes a complex array of virtues.

Listen to a few minutes of Barak Obama’s closing speech in Athens  – where he expalins “philotimo”

This programme is designed to help you kick-off through the creation of intention, developing small daily actions and assisting you to find the best people globally to collaborate with and build your attitude of “philotimia”

Spread across 4 60 minute zoom sessions,  (maximum two months) you will be guided through a unique process to cultivating an attitude of philotimia.

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The Phoenix Rising Programme



We all suffer setbacks, unexpected changes and disruption.  Once we have overcome the shock, we are often lost at how to start up again.  This programme has been uniquely designed and essentially gives you numerous tool that will teach you how to live your life through the checks and balances of the 8 forms of wealth.

The programme runs for 10 weeks and includes a 12 month crystal support reading plus a siddha kundalini crystal recalibration healing session.

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The Prism

This programme is a 10 month programme and combines both the teachings of Philotimo and Phoenix Rising, teaches you how to create your own sacred mandalas, develop your meditation practice and help uncover your purpose here on earth.

Further details for this programme will be available mid Sept, and first the session will kick off in October 2020. To ensure your place on the mailing list please submit your details here :