Morning Rituals

As a gift for visiting my website – here are my recommended morning rituals - free for you to use and share. If you participate in my ceremonial workshops, attend my Kundalini Global yoga classes or have 121 sessions with me, we explore these in more detail. 

Mornings are sacred. Clients often kick off that they are not morning people, but we all are, and once our routines become habitual, we miss the sanctuary of this time.

Call it what you want - #sadhana / #5amclub / #morningritual  /#metime

Record your gratitudes

  • I whisper my gratitudes, starting first with my bed for supporting my horizontal body and then onto a myriad of other things. Participating in my ceremonial workshops will have you dive deeply into the premise of gratitudes.
  • Separate your gratitudes into three sections:
    1. Your world
    2. Your work / career / finance / studies
    3. Self

Dream recall

  • A technique I have learned from the very wonderful Charlie Morley - the specialist in lucid dreaming. There is something so powerful about remembering and recording your dreams and at a later point joining the dots in your  awake  life.

Choose crystals (you may choose to work with cards or other items, my go to is always crystals)

  • I don’t necessarily pick what I am going to wear that day, but something to compliment my meditation. Often it’s not a solo crystal and might be part of a personal mandala that I may be working with. Crystalline energy works very deeply with our energetic bodies and is my personal go to tool as well as the foundation of my energetic healing work for others.

Meditation with a capital M!

(If you dislike meditation, explore the notion of Pranayama instead)

  • There are so many different modalities available that I marvel when people say “I can’t meditate”. What they actually mean is “I don’t want to find the stillness within”. I have a number of meditation tools in my quiver, my favourites being:

    • Dr Joe Dispenza
    • Alana Fairchild
    • The Kundalini Global meditations
    • The Deepak Oprah 21-day meditation

Morning pages

  • Three long hand A5 pages written and never to be reread. Julia Cameron’s wisdom to why this technique works can be accessed by reading The Artists Way or visiting her website.
  • (During the day you may also want to explore taking a daily photograph or a weekly artist's date)


  • Do a full Kundalini Global Yoga class, or if time doest allow, some stretching using kundalini global poses such as spinal rotations, twists, cat cow etc to ease the stiffness from the nights sleep and the morning meditation. Many people prefer to do this before hand - no hard and fast rules - it’s your ritual!

Listen to Music

  • While you shower, make your cacao or hot water and lemon, dress, contemplate the day ahead etc, listen to music that lifts you up!



Create your own rituals by adding in or changing the order of these - find the meditation that suits you best (11 minutes or more), create your happy song playlist, pull oracle cards or refer to your crystal mandala we may have created together. You’ll love your life! You’ll radiate even when times are tough. People will want what you’re on. You’ll find your energy uplifts those around you. You’ll have tools to gravitate towards in your darkest times.  Make a commitment to a minimum of 40 days because you’re worth it!