Re_Greece : Reflect - Refuel - Recalibrate - Reconstruct

Why Re-Greece?

When the pandemic of 2020 created chaos in the world, even the strong felt defeated, deflated and derailed. The Re-Greece experience has been curated and designed to enable you to join, share and learn with 12 like-minded thinkers and doers from the creative and marketing industries. Over six nights and seven days against the backdrop of Greece (one of the most resilient countries in the World); we'll explore, rest, replenish and just as importantly, help you redefine your next chapter.

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Upcoming Events:

Unique Resilience Retreat in Greece

Athens - Naxos - Mykonos

4th - 10th of September, 2021

Your Resilient Hosts
Re-Greece is the result of us looking to refuel and recalibrate ourselves but we could not find anything that spoke to us....
And, it's really important to us and we can imagine to you, to match the right group of 12 people to spark a shift in their mind and yours. We'll spend 30-minutes asking and answering a series of questions you have and collectively deciding if this experience is right for you. Everyone can and should!) apply, our request is that you are open-minded/hearted, willing to give as much as you get and don't mind copious amounts of garlic, jumping in the ocean, surprises, sunrise adventures and sunsets at sea as much as we do.
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