Why Re-Greece?

The Re-Greece experience is being curated and designed to enable you to join, share and learn with a small number of people who are self-nurturing and looking for a bespoke experience to help them on their life journey.

Over six nights and seven days against the backdrop of Greece (one of the most resilient countries in the World); we'll explore, rest, replenish and just as importantly, help you redefine your next chapter.

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Upcoming Events:

Unique Re-Treat in Greece

Your Re-Treat Host:


United Kingdom (venue to be confirmed)

May 2024

2 nights Re-Treat combining Kundalini Global Yoga and Crystalline Alchemy Healing


Athens - Naxos - Mykonos

October 2024

7 night Re-Treat being created to combine Kundalini Global Yoga, Crystalline Alchemy Healing
and a unique experience of Greek culture and philosophy.
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