Over many years I’ve acquired sacred teachings from studying with Global Masters and across various modalities, creating a unique, bespoke healing toolkit as the world’s only Prism Facilitator, working primarily with the Crystalline Realms.

My work with the crystalline realm is sacred and intuitive, alchemical so to speak, and as such, each client I work with receives a bespoke facilitation.  In order to create a mandala, I combine all my knowledge and, through meditation, connecting  with the Siddha Kundalini Crystal Masters, Alstar Quest Masters Lord Zwanski & Lady Kuan Yin, and, together with the activation of the energy of  crystals, I enable people who are searching for the expansion of their own self-knowledge, healing, and growth, creating their unique Prism of Light.

My life philosophy is the “&” strategy. The work we do together creates a beautiful platform for self-exploration, learning how to apply different ideas and energies to serve all 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) and so within practising this philosophy I am now also certified as a Kundalini Global Teacher; this modality of yoga combined Breath, Posture and Intention which through regular practices, leads to incredible Transformation.

My Teachers include:


Carolyn Cowan (Kundalini Global, 220 hours training, plus exam and 5 essays)

Dr Joe Dispenza (Activating The Supernatural through meditation), advanced courses

Charlie Morley (Dream and Shadow work)

Melissa and Jackie Freemantle (Alstar Quest)

Sadhguru (Isha Foundation, Inner Engineering and Shambavi in person) 

Dani Sher (Siddha Kundalini Healing)


Deepak Chopra

Robin Sharma

Dr David Hamilton

Julia Cameron (Morning Pages)

Carolyn Cowan (various)

In addition, I connect “people to people”, and through the deep understanding of your needs and intent, I am often guided to connect you to different healers and teachers for your greatest benefit. These collaborations cross many modalities and teachings.