What My Clients Have to Say

Stephanie26, London

My healing with Nici was a peaceful, reflective experience that really helped me to feel enlightened and more in tune with myself. It was a quiet and relaxing time that fostered emotions and thoughts which Nici discussed with me, helping me to understand my path and to make sense of things that I was experiencing/going through at the time. It made me feel mentally rejuvenated and more focused on my goals and needs, as it helped me to reassess my life.

Alex44, Cape Town

Nici is a force of strength in my life, from the moment of meeting she has weaved her power of self reflection and introspection around me like a blanket, guiding and pushing where needed.

Staci29, London

Nici helped me gain clarity and confidence on decisions I needed to make and acquire a new perspective on concerns I had for my life. I have since made empowered choices and changes and am much happier and healthier thanks to the invaluable insights and encouragement I received.


Where do I begin?! I don’t know that I would still be standing let alone thriving, if I had not decided to embark on this spiritual growth journey with Nici. What I have learnt, become, manifested and how I have grown has surprised even myself. This is a very special process with the most understanding and invested teacher. The gains are immeasurable if you’re serious about truly changing your life.

TanyaCape Town

Nici is an exceptional spirit and healer -
Intuitive and grounded with incredible insight.
She combines energies of crystal with sound and breath work and had journeyed new home to greater growth on my path many times. I am exceedingly grateful for her.


I was introduced to Nici 2 years ago when I was going through a difficult transition in my life. Since then Nici’s offering has become a staple in my spiritual journey. I have sessions with her regularly for guidance, help with challenges, and healing. Her approach is incredibly unique & powerful and the messages I receive are always nothing but truth. Nici is incredibly supportive and guides me & teaches me in every step of my way. I am beyond grateful for her work and presence in my life and cannot recommend her enough.

Kate33, London

What bliss it was to have Nici bless my home with her bright presence. In our time together, she not only constructed the most magnificent mandala and cleansed my crystals with aplomb, but also ignited and awakened my inner essence with wholeness and connection during our unexpectedly moving session. She managed to help me distil my intentions and grasp a sense of purpose and decisiveness, something I was grappling with at the time. I so appreciate her intuition, empathy and guidance, as well as her ever-supportive presence.

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